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There are many scenarios where a second charge mortgage is required rather than a standard remortgage or other type of loan. At Second Charge Mortgage UK, we help people to find the right type of mortgage to suit their situation. As second charge mortgages are different to standard mortgages, specialist companies such as Second Charge Mortgage UK are able to provide the right level of guidance and assistance on whether this is the best option for the applicant.

Expertise in second charge mortgages

Second charge mortgages are only available to people that already own a property. A second charge mortgage is basically a secured loan, where the property is used as security. Where people might remortgage a property to release come cash, the second charge mortgage works in a similar way, providing the homeowner with an amount of money. The loan will often be used to pay for home improvements, a purchase such as a car or for debt consolidation. Second charge mortgages can be taken out for as little as £5,000, making them a good option for many people.

If you need expert advice on which financial product will work out better for you, the team at Second Charge Mortgage UK will be able to review the current market to identify the best option for your requirements.

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We can find the best second charge mortgage deals

Not all mortgage providers offer second charge mortgage deals but our team of second charge mortgage experts have an in-depth knowledge of the market, to ensure that the best deals can be found for our customers. We evaluate each applicant’s personal circumstances to make sure that we find the right financial product to meet their needs. Due to our large network of connections in the specialist mortgage industry, we can access great deals for second charge mortgages.

Industry leading customer service

As well as being able to get our customers the best deals available on the market for second charge mortgages, we stand out from other companies because we offer unparalleled levels of customer service. From the moment you first speak to a member of our team, through to any queries you have once you have gone ahead with your product, we provide excellent, round-the-clock customer service whenever you need it.

Innovative online portal keeps you updated throughout the process

When it comes to obtaining a financial product, one of the aspects of the process that can cause delays is the frequency of communication. Some mortgage providers can be really hard to get hold of; you might need to sit in long queues to speak to a call centre operative, or they are closed during the times when you need to speak to them.

Communications couldn’t be sleeker with Second Charge Mortgage UK, partly due to our innovative online portal WiiN (Where Is It Now?) that keeps our customers fully informed about the progress of the application. Our customers love using the WiiN portal to find out where their application is up to, whenever they need an update. We don’t let communication bottlenecks to slow down our customers’ applications.

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